"You are exactly where you need to be" on a chalkboard

I didn’t imagine it would be this way….

You set the goal. You worked a plan. You made it happen.
And you can’t tell if you succeeded or if you’ve become neon bouncing ball managing too many responsibilities and expectations.

You haven’t lost yourself. You haven’t made a mistake.

Are you ready to re-discover the original you who set this whole plan in motion?

Who works with Emily?

Emily works with Life and Business Leaders who find themselves leading in multiple directions at one time. As leaders, we are frequently trusted with more and more (and more) and we begin to feel like we are just managing to keep all the plates spinning.

Emily walks alongside you as you discover, recover, nurture, and empower yourself as True Leader, not just a juggler of people, projects, and deadlines. Through our coaching work and relationship, you will bring clarity, vision, and authentic strength to your work and life.

Who Is Emily?

Emily is a mid-life leader. With leading experience from kitchen table to board table, leading as a volunteer and in corporate leadership, adventuring in education and service in faith communities – Emily has made a habit of watching, testing, trying, and learning as she leads in many directions at one time.

Trained with the renowned Co-Active Training Institute (CPCC in June 2023) and accredited through the International Coach Federation (ACC), Emily coaches individuals who have been trusted with so much that they’ve begun to lose sight of who they are and what makes them identify as a leader. Too many times leadership overwhelm invites us to discard ourselves. Emily believe’s that leadership should include you becoming even more yourself, not putting on someone else’s leadership shoes.

Emily walking in woods

I spy

Let’s go on a treasure hunt! Set some time aside over the week. Set a destination (home, kitchen, park, mall,…

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