It takes a step of vulnerability and bravery to ask for more information about coaching. Thank you for knocking on my door. Welcome.

Who Works with Emily?

Typically, I work with people who

  • have an idea that they aren’t sure how to move forward
  • feel stuck in a current situation
  • have a sense that there must be something more
  • are in a time of transition

I work with people who hold life and business leadership roles, often leading in more than one direction.

Choreography of Your Coaching Commitment

Coaching Begins with You.

You find yourself stuck, uncomfortable, or in transition and wonder “Would it be helpful to work with a coach?” (If you are here, you can check that off your list. Well done!)

From here you decide to explore that question with open curiosity. Part of that exploration includes connecting with me (and other coaches). You can fill out a brief form here get ready for an Exploration call. When I receive notice of your interest, I will send you an email with a scheduling link for our Exploration of Coaching phone call.

Exploration Call

During this 30 minute complimentary phone call, we will begin to get to know each other. We will explore your questions, hopes, and goals. I will give you a sense of what coaching with me is like. You will ask me questions. By the end of the call, we will decide together what will happen next.

When we choose to work together, we will have a conversation regarding payment terms and scheduling.

Welcome Package

A welcome email package will be sent within 48 hours of our decision to have a working Coach relationship. The email will include (1) the formal agreement that we both need to sign, (2) an intake questionnaire that needs to be completed at least 48 hours before our first call, (3) an invoice that will reflect the terms that we have talked about that needs to be paid 24 hours before our first call.

Your first coaching call will usually happen two or three weeks following this Exploration Call.

Foundation Call

The first coaching call of our working agreement is longer (90 minutes) than the rest of the calls. During the Foundation Call, we will set the course for our coaching journey together. We will share expectations and set boundaries. We will design a space for our working relationship that will allow us both to shine and allow you to feel safe and courageous.

Six months for You

After our Foundation Call we will meet roughly every other week for one hour. Your experience as a coaching client will include your commitment to not just the appointments, but to the work and growth in between calls. Emily provides in progress sheet for you to use as you prepare for each call. You are always at choice during sessions and between calls. Emily does not provide “a curriculum”, but does have many tools that we can utilize together.

What makes Emily qualified to be a coach?

I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC, May 2023), earning the ACC credential (August, 2023) from the International Coaching Federation. I was a participant in the inaugural cohort of Quadrant 3 Leadership Coach Certification (Fall, 2021) and now have the honor to co-lead this training.

I began my formal coach training after twenty years of community and family leadership, strategy, and administration. When I talk about leading in multiple directions, I speaks real life experience – from the kitchen table to the board room table.

Coaching isn’t just about my training and experience. Coaching is primarily about you, the tools and mindset that I bring, and our work together. We will dig in to your natural, creative self to find the traction and steps that will create movement toward your hopes and goals.

But what is Emily like?

I love puzzles – people puzzles, crafty puzzles, business puzzles, jigsaw puzzles. It wasn’t until recently that I realized my love for puzzles ties in with my top strength – strategy, and top value – creativity. As an enneagram 9, I naturally see connections with people and processes. I have a strong intution, a vivid imagination, a I love words – I read and write lots of them.

In business, I function as the leader of my brand – EJPitman, and as COO and co-founder of Concord Leadership Group. I am co-leader of Quadrant 3 Leadership Coach Certification.

I life, I am the life and business partner of Marc Pitman. Together we have three amazing young adult children and two kittens. Marc brews the coffee and beer, and I make quilts. We love pursuing adventure together – and make space for each other to write our solo journeys as well.

Check out my blog and subscribing to Sprouts, (a weekly-ish newsletter) to get to me know me a little better.
And keep your eyes open for an announcement of Emily and Marc’s new podcast – Still Figuring It Out – coming your way later in 2024.

What does it cost to work with Emily?

$2500. This includes our Foundation call, twelve coaching calls, and availability in between calls. I feel strongly that finances should not be the determining factor for clients. I hold a limited number of pro-bono and lo-bono spaces that may be available upon inquiry.

And what do other people say?