About Books

About Books

In 2020, I renewed my commitment to read. What else was I going to do that year? I hit a goal of 100 by reading eight children’s story books in the last days of the year. Some people don’t count children’s picture books when they count how many books have they read – but I do. But that is a post (soapbox, maybe?) for another day.

I believe that I had been consistently reading pre-pandemic, but I wasn’t tracking my content as consistently as I am now. I was an avid Libby user (still am) and have gone through several generations of kindle. I love books, but when you have moved as often as we have and the cost of movers is based on the weight of your ‘stuff’, digital books become a very good choice.

This year, I have set the intention to balance out my deep love of murder mystery with more historical fiction and non-fiction books.

So far in 2024, I am up to 17 books read, with six more in some state of partially/currently reading. Here is some of my list:

The Lord Edgington Investigates series – a 1920’s detective series featuring a grandfather/grandson duo exploring England together.

The Myrtlewood Mysteries by Iris Beaglehole. The duo in this series are not only a witch and a fairy, but also a middle of life mom and young adult daughter. The theme of their own becoming and discovery of themselves and each other is woven through small village and magical shenanigans.

Beowulf – a translation by Maria Dahvana Headley – AUDIO
The translation and reading are a work of art and I will listen again.

The God of Small Things – Arundhati Roy. Historical Fiction that takes place in India. This was hard read and my heart felt a little ripped open.

The Subtle Art of not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson surprised me. I have been skeptical whenever I have seen it and when my coach recommended it, I had to eat some humble pie. It is very good and I will read it again.

I accidentally found Quiet Marketing: A Calm, Minimal Approach to Business and Online Visibility for Highly Sensitive Solopreneurs – Danielle Gardner. I not only loved the book, but want to share tea sometime with the author.

The Weight of Ink – Rachel Kadish – A beautiful weaving of times and stories.

Outlive, by Peter Attia MD. I have completed this book. I have listened to this book. And I’m halfway through reading it again. I’m a big fan.

In progress right now:
Making It So – Patrick Stewart – AUDIO
Walden – Henry David Thoreau – We have to be in a mood for each other. I have been at this
book for almost two years and I’m committed to not hurrying through.
How to Write a Novel – Joanna Penn
The 9 Types of Leadership – Beatrice Chestnut (AUDIO)
Three Blind Mice and other stories – Agatha Christie (AUDIO)

What are you reading this year?

I have been tracking at Goodreads for years but have just set up an account with The Story Graph. I anticipate being more active at StoryGraph, but invite you to connect with me in either place.