About the Sunflower

About the Sunflower

It all began with a seed. 

And now it is a sunflower. A sunflower is often associated with EJPitman. My website, scheduling account, the logo that I use (when I remember to), the Sprouts header – all feature a single Russian Mammoth sunflower.

Whenever I use this sunflower, I want to share the story of the yellow bloom – to explain that I didn’t choose it because it was trendy a few years ago or because of any symbolism in the flowers attraction to the sun. This sunflower is my sunflower. I grew it from a seed planted in a hand shoveled kidney-shaped garden bed in front of our home in Maine. 

The year before this buds arrival, I had been inspired by the beautiful book Roots, Shoots, Buckets and Boots to create a Sunflower house. Realizing I enjoyed growing sunflowers and had success with it, the sunflower house was refashioned the following year to feature a full variety of sunflowers – from Dwarf Sungold to Russian Mammoth flowers. The photo I use in my materials shows the mammoth sunflower that towered over my kids (and my) heads. 

sunflower sprout with text 'It all began with a seed'

That flower, that season of garden growth paralleled a life season when much around me growing slowly – kids, marriage, business, me. The relief and delight that a seed the size of my fingertip could be planted in prepared ground, watered, and a mere 7-14 days later show up as a seedling buoyed me with courage and hope to continue the ‘unseen gardening’ that was happening within my home and myself.

 A sprout will always be the most exciting part of growing something from seed for me. A treasure has been buried, a mysterious process has happened in the hidden depths (one inch of soil for a sunflower), and then life wakes up and reaches and reaches until it stands certain with it’s two baby leaves and slim little stalk. 

“Sprouts” will arrive every Thursday-ish.

I welcome your interaction and feedback. I talk to myself all the time. I hope that you will join that chit-chat.