Hey Siri, Which Way?

Hey Siri, Which Way?

We have just driven over 900 miles to bring our son to college.

Settling into our hotel room tonight, “There was more than one way to get here” flashed across my mind.

Yes. This physical journey had options – the routes, the stops, the tolls, the music, the food and drink. There was more than one way to get here.

which way?

This family journey had options – the yeses, the nos, the questions, the decisions to trust, the decisions to check in, the decisions to be fluid and rigid. Raising our son, our baby – there was more than one way to get here.

My own journey is running parallel to our son’s college entry. I am ending my first career as full time momma transitioning to my next career(s?). In the midst of all my options and ideas, and in the midst of all my emotions about this middle of life change (all the changes), I rush to make a choice, make a plan, get it done. But that just isn’t the truth of my life. I am learning and growing and the season I am entering is expansive. Rather than buckling down with determination, rather than choosing the fastest, ugly route with a lot of 18 wheelers, the season I am entering, and the person I want to be becoming, is one that takes a back road here or there. I want to stop at interesting or curious spots. I get to turn left, even when siri suggests I turn right.

There is more than one way to get to where I am going. And just like our kid had choices about where they would go to college, I have choices about my destination. I know my team. I am re-examining and finding new values. I am learning new skills and dusting off old ones.

Tonight, as I look at my kid knowing tomorrow night he will be getting sleeping away from me for the next 90 days (or so, 92 days till Thanksgiving at this writing), I have deep curiosity and gratitude that for all of us, there is more than one way to get there. And there is more than just one There to choose.

Hey Siri, Flip a Coin.

Let’s see where we will go.