Sprouts is One

Sprouts is One

36 newsletters. 13,116 words. 52 weeks together. Right here (ish).
We did it! Happy Anniversary!

Before you go anything else please take a minute to enter the Sprouts Celebration Contest.

I’m excited to offer two prizes.

  • A Sprouts mug that includes some of my favorite Sprouts graphics from Year One.
  • A series of six – 30 minute coaching sessions with Emily – (to be scheduled and used by September 1, 2024).

This will take you to another window. Please come back and read about my first attempt at using SproutsGPT.

As I sat down to face the end of Year One with Sprouts, I got a crazy idea. I compiled every Sprouts newsletter into one document (that’s how I know the word count above) and created a SproutsGPT. My first request that that she write a newsletter that celebrated one year of Sprouts Newsletter. Then I asked her to tranform it to the style of Shel Silverstein. My final request was for her to please use all the colors of the rainbow in the poem.

So, here we have my very first experiment with GPT and a poem to celebrating one year.

Thanks for being my companions through words this year. Your friendship and readership means a lot. I’m so curious about where this next year will lead us, together.

Cheers, and big pieces of pie!

How the Contest Will Work

The contest form will be open until
Wednesday March 20 at 8pm (EST).
At that time, I will use “wheel of names” to
randomly draw the mug and coaching winners.
I will email the winners at that time and they will have until Monday the 25th at noon(EST) to reply.
If I don’t hear from them, I will re-spin the wheel on Monday.

About Sprouts

“Sprouts is a reflection of my passion and curiosity about the unseen growth of a seed
and the joy when a Sprout dares to poke it’s head up to see what the world might be like.
It is also my admission that I am still figuring out this new season in my life of ’empty-ish’ nest
and the business of coaching (and more).
Sprouts is where I play with words and ideas.
My dream is that organically my ideas will create a garden life
as I celebrate and explore seeds, sprouts, and blooms.”