Almost 1 year old….

Almost 1 year old….

Do you have cake or pie for your birthday celebrations?

When our oldest was in middle school, he came to me with all kinds of love, confessing that he would really prefer my apple pie for his birthday instead of one of the elaborate birthday cakes that we had done in the past. I had conflicted feelings at this information. I didn’t love decorating the cartoon shaped cakes, but I loved the final product. And this was how my mom had celebrated my birthdays, so in a way I felt connected to her tradition when I did the same for my kids.

But in the end, it was his birthday. And I do love making pie.

So began a new tradition for our family – many of our holidays and celebrations will involve pie (sometimes more than one) rather than cake.

blurred seed packet display with text "what will we grown next year?"

As I look ahead to the first anniversary of Sprouts Newsletter next, I had wondered would pie or cake be part of the celebration. But then I found a hydroponic seed kit. So neither pie nor cake will be involved on Sprouts 1st birthday. I will plant rosemary seeds in the hydroponic system and enjoy the wonder of watching it grow in the sunniest and warmest place of our home – our dining room table.

Sprouts Newsletter was birthed in the season between completion of my coaching certification and the work of building a full-time coaching practice (the time between seed planting and sprouts and blossoms).

I couldn’t have anticipated just four weeks later that an unknown aneurysm in my brain would burst and cause an unplanned halt. I now see this unplanned pause as a gift. The jolt of stopping created evaluation of where I was, celebration of where I had been, and deepened my commitment to work with people in recovering themselves and shaping more fulfilling futures.

The fact that Sprouts didn’t die in the midst of my recovery makes me so proud. Over thirty newsletters have been shared and I continued it’s mission:

“Sprouts is a reflection of my passion and curiosity about the unseen growth of a seed and the joy when a Sprout dares to poke it’s head up to see what the world might be like.

It is also my admission that I am still figuring out this new season in my life of ’empty-ish’ nest and the business of coaching.

Sprouts is where I play with words and ideas. My dream is that organically my ideas will create a garden life as I celebrate and explore seeds, sprouts, and blooms.”

I have re-hung the two bulletin boards that I mentioned last week. They are naked and waiting. They will be the allotment where I plant seeds and capture sprouts in the coming months and beyond.

What seed would you like me to nurture or tackle? I’d love to have your input as I plan the next year of writing.