Wilting Basil

Wilting Basil

We bought a basil plant at the grocery store last week. I can’t remember what recipe A. was going to make for dinner, but the fresh basil leaves – as they always do – played a big role in the dish tasting wonderful and the house being filled with an aroma that made my stomach growl. 

Most of the week since, we have kept Basil in a used pimento cheese container filled with water. And she has stood tall and proud on the counter, waiting for her next recipe destiny. 

When I was making my coffee this morning, I noticed poor Basil was feeling poorly. Her normal height of 12+ inches was reduced to 8 inches (or less) and her leaves were wrinkly. It was such a dramatic display of thirst and neglect with her leaves brushing the counter and her stalks sagging, bent as though they were trying to touch her toes. 

Sorry, Basil.

flowers in a watering can

I scooped her from one counter to another and filled her water dish. Over the course of the time it took me to make some pour-over coffee, her mood was improving with the longest stalk standing up almost straight. I swear I could see leaves trembling as she drank greedily from her roots.

Six hours later and she is almost fully recovered. 

Do you need to dip your roots or toes into some nourishment today? Are your cells and spirits balanced and strong, or have you got some wilting going on? 

This week I’m on the wilt-y side of things. 

The nourishment that I need to dip into – rest, some time outdoors (if it EVER stops raining), and getting a couple projects moved to the completed column. Sometimes I notice that I’m on my way to wilty and sometimes I just wake up bent under my own gravity. 

What is it like for you? And what nourishment satisfies your cells and spirits most?

PS. As promised… here is the picture from my scavenger hunt. Did you notice that I gave you the challenge to take 10 pictures, but gave a list of eleven?