Check Your Lenses

Check Your Lenses

“I don’t like these glasses! They don’t feel right and I don’t like the way they look.”

It was a vivid dream. I had received two sets of eyeglasses and the pair that everyone else liked were not my choice. The ones that wanted to choose felt good, looked quirky. But they weren’t perfect either.

Given the choice between to two, which did I choose?

I woke up before a conclusion was reached.

As I remembered my dream this morning, I recognized the metaphor for life. I’ve been working with my coach on the “agreements” that I’ve picked up over the years – particularly the ones that aren’t life-giving as I move forward into this new season. I’m developing an awareness of my internal conversation and inviting evaluation to what I hear.

Takeaways from my dreams near the full moon:

*Get your eyes checked. Seriously. Your vision health is about more than how well you can see. It is about quality of life, brain health, and calm. It’s an easy appointment to put off, but don’t. I happen to know you are reading this on a screen, and if only because of that, get an eye doctor on your team. (#endsoapbox)

*Check the lenses you are wearing in your work, in your home, in your community. Are they supporting you in a life giving and invitational way? Do you see better with them? Do you like them? Are they smudged? You are allowed to choose lenses that feel authentically you.

I wish that my dream had included the third possibility where I said no to each pair and demanded the right glasses – for my vision, my comfort, and my fun.

Today, I’ll set the course for honesty with myself and not settling for ‘okay’ in my thinking.

And tomorrow, I’ll go to my annually scheduled eye appointment.