Vision and Visibility

Vision and Visibility

The word I’m playing with in February is Visibility. After taking a couple of trips over this last month, I carry a heightened awareness about this word – and I’m enjoying the playground it is revealing.

In the world of entrepreneurial adventure, visibility means “can you see me?” or “can you find me?” Ruled by the navigation systems of SEO and Important Business Numbers like “followers” and “connections”, visibility requires tools and strategy. There are CRM’s and automations and pipelines. There are many tools and plans in this toolbox.

When Marc and I went on a cruise last month, I asked Marc to stand at the rail of the ship with me. “Where do your eyes automatically go when we stand here?” I wasn’t surprised when he pointed to the place where the sky and sea meets. Marc has long and big vision. He was surprised when I showed him that my eyes went somewhere much closer to the ship – not directly next to where the boat and ship met, but about half a football field out into the water. This observation led to to some really wonderful conversations about how we think about our future and how big the picture each of us hold when we strategize. Marc has Maximizer as one of his key strengths. I have Strategy as one of my key strengths.

Continuing to wonder about the way we complement each other, I did some more research about visibility this morning – how far can we see in certain situations. Flight visibility, driving visibility, and hiking visibility (make sure you wear orange during hunting season) are all similar – how far can you see based on atmospheric and lighting conditions. Marine visibility seems a bit more complicated when your route (water) is interacting in it’s unique ways with the atmosphere. But there are tools and captains and crews that take care of those details when you are on a cruise.

Merging entrepreneurial leadership with navigational understanding, invites a delightful metaphor. In my work as a coach, leader, and entrepreneur, how far and how clearly can I see? What are the conditions that might change – for better or worse? Am I prepared for those? What tools and team will I need to make this journey?

How far do you see when you look ahead? What tools do you have for when the way gets foggy or rocky? Are you content with your visibility? Are you in a season when you need to use binoculars to see further out? Or is now the time to bring your attention a little closer to your ship of life?

Wherever you are – drive safely. And have a wonderful adventure.